The Terra-Belle Ghost, Chapter 3

“Great, now we can begin!” Aleck declared. “Hand it over to me.” I gave the spoon to Phoebe, who tried to pass it to Fletcher.             “You expect me to touch that thing?” Fletcher flinched when the object came near him. “I ain’t getting cursed!”             I denoted, “It was Damon’s key to the Netherworld,Continue reading “The Terra-Belle Ghost, Chapter 3”

The Terra-Belle Ghost, Chapter 1

Hey, you’re back! I got another question for you: What does a ghost like most about going to a party? Did you say boo-ze? Well, that’s wrong for several reasons! One, I know the play on words with boos and booze seems cute, but really, a ghost is nothing more than a haunting image ofContinue reading “The Terra-Belle Ghost, Chapter 1”

Tempo scaduto (Ita – Fr – Eng – Esp)

Edvard Munch In inverno le città sbiancate dal gelosono cadaveri seppelliti nella nebbia.Lungo le strade lastricate di nuvole grigieuomini simili a raggi di sole al tramontoguardano il cielo di piombodimenticando che lungo le murasi aprono porte spalancate dal vento.Fanno di quattro pareti una stanzascaldata da donne molli di abbandoniche gli uomini non seppero carezzare.Le donneContinue reading “Tempo scaduto (Ita – Fr – Eng – Esp)”

Two Easy Healthy Drinks for Liver and Anti-inflammation – Feel Frisky Again

Everybody is different – literally, each and every body. But if these drinks resonate with you, give them a whirl. See how you feel. (Drink them for awhile, not forever. Because the body is always changing.) Alternative practitioners often remind us that many of us have a liver overburdened with toxins too much inflammation in the bodyContinue reading “Two Easy Healthy Drinks for Liver and Anti-inflammation – Feel Frisky Again”

Is It Worth Your Soul?

Verse of the Day:  Mark 8:36  What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul?            There is nothing in this world worth losing your soul for. A big house, an expensive car, your career, fame, fortune, none of it is worth losing your soul. You can’t take any ofContinue reading “Is It Worth Your Soul?”

A Dangerous Precedent: When Teachers Label Targets “Difficult” or “Trouble”

Mobbing at work concept, sketch of boss kicking his employee with red heels from behind on chalkboard Many teachers and school staff often stick targets of mobbing and bullying with labels such as, “trouble,” “difficult,” or “problem child.” This sets the targeted child up to be discriminated against by their school and creates a veryContinue reading “A Dangerous Precedent: When Teachers Label Targets “Difficult” or “Trouble””

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